We at Williams Outreach & Consulting work hard to ensure that families do not become homeless or put an end to the homelessness that they are experiencing.  With your help, we can serve as many in Onslow County and beyond.  Please consider giving to this worthy cause.

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Williams Outreach and Consulting, (WOC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to educate and stabilize individuals and families that are in a housing crisis.


Our agency assists individuals in Onslow County who are either precariously housed or have lost their housing and need to obtain new permanent housing.  We approach complex housing issues from all sides with a comprehensive intake assessment that helps the program determine what the household(s) need and address the needs and goals of those who are experiencing housing challenges by applying the holistic approach:         


  • Preventive Housing by helping individuals remain in house
  • Assist homeless individuals find and maintain permanent housing
  • Assist with finding funds to assist with rent and utilities
  • Case Management
  • Financial Counseling
  • Assisting Veterans with E-benefits
  • Help Veterans start compensation claims through the Department of the Veteran’s Affair
  • Key/Target Housing Referral
  • Anger Management Classes (fees apply)


Without housing subsidies, low-income renters in Onslow County are continually confronted with the difficulty of choosing between the necessities of food, utilities, medicine or rent.  Williams Outreach and Consulting has operated a homeless prevention program since January 2016.  Rent and utility assistance for clients facing eviction and utility shut-off; all clients receive one-on-one case management, resources and referrals.


Williams Outreach and Consulting believes assisting with one utility bill or one month’s rent is cost-effective compared to the financial and emotional price of an eviction.  Here in Onslow County, there are few affordable housing units and the fair market rents are high, which makes re-housing both difficult and expensive.  Additionally, losing one’s home has a devastating emotional impact on every family member and may cause added problems such as unemployment, lost school time, malnutrition, or illness.

 Our homeless prevention program helps Onslow County individuals, families and seniors with the necessary assistance to retain their housing through a short-term crisis, and it does this at a significantly reduced cost compared to re-housing or supporting a family in a shelter.  All clients are required to complete financial counseling, that helps them create a budget, teach them about saving, and fixing the credit one bill at a time.   These programs are designed to prevent a sudden financial setback from becoming a long-term financial crisis.