We at Williams Outreach & Consulting work hard to ensure that families do not become homeless or put an end to the homelessness that they are experiencing.  With your help, we can serve as many in Onslow County and beyond.  Please consider giving to this worthy cause.

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As a volunteer with Williams Outreach and Consulting, you can make a meaningful impact to the community with the skills, knowledge, unselfishness and wiliness of personal time, to assist with ending homelessness. We welcome all volunteers of all levels, inexperienced too professional, to join our team. If you would like to help with decreasing/ending homelessness and willing to volunteer services, please feel free to complete the Volunteer Application to become a member of our team.  Please be advised that all positions are on a volunteer basis and there is no pay. 

- Case Manager 

- Administration

- Marketing 

- Computer Tech

- Receptionist

- Counselor

- Board Members

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